Brighten up your high street this Christmas!


Increase footfall in your Shopping Centres! 

Our Christmas Jackets are designed to give you your own santa's grotto. Like our Shopjackets, they are made from a 3d model, giving that realistic look which is so much more effective than a photograph.

Christmas Jackets are made from vinyl which can be fitted to the interior or exterior of the window, of either an empty or a trading unit. 

We can personalise them with your own a big christmas card to your clients!

When illuminated from behind the Christmas Jacket glows and comes alive! We can provide details of the lighting which achieves the most effective result.

The Christmas Jackets can be at any size - they can fill the window, such as this…

Christmas Jacket | Shop jacket - helping the high street

or be smaller, only using part of your window, like this…

Christmas Jacket | Shop jacket - helping the high street

Christmas Jackets work well on flat fronted windows, without recesses.

Standard Christmas Jackets which are fitted directly to the window (either internally or externally), are the most vibrant. However, they are not reusable. If you want to be able to reuse your Christmas Jacket next year, we can mount the vinyl onto perspex, which you can then display slightly set back from your window. 

If you would like a quote for a Christmas Jacket then send a high resolution photo, taken from the front with as few obstructions as possible, with the approximate measurements to

Details required:

  • Property address 
  • Property Owner Name & Status (landlord/owner/shopping centre manager/ council)
  • Property Status (trading / empty unit)
  • Window dimensions 
  • Dimensions for Christmas Jacket - (If partial Christmas Jacket is required) 
  • To be applied inside or outside the window? (Note: better to apply on the exterior of the glass if windows are tinted)
  • Message for your Christmas jacket

Christmas Jackets are quoted on a supply only basis, plus VAT and postage

Please read our full Terms and Conditions here


Create a buzz in your high street!