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Painting shutters as a solution to shutter blight can lead to graffiti problems...



The changing face of the British High Street, Daily Mail 8 Oct 14

The changing face of the British High Street: Tattoo parlours and convenience stores up, but video rental shops and travel agents down

  • Dramatic shift over the last decade revealed in study of 2,000 locations
  • Number of tattoo parlours and convenience stores have almost trebled
  • But many shops have been replaced by the dominance of the internet 
  • Experts claim the changes are making our high streets more sociable


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Shopjacket helps a great new coffee offer, Cullercoats Coffee

Good luck to Matt, opening his great looking coffee shop soon.



We help with signage for a great new business in N Shields...

Dog grooming salon


'Click and Collect' services set to sweep the high street - The Telegraph 09 Aug 14 

High Street minister Penny Mordaunt says shops will be free to build covered lockers for 'click and collect' online orders without obtaining planning permission.

High Street minister Penny Mordaunt

The rules forcing retailers to seek planning permission for ‘click and collect’ facilities used by online shoppers are to be scrapped in a bid to transform the British high street, a minister has said.

Under plans announced today, shops will be able to construct covered collection points without prior approval as the number of UK consumers using ‘click and collect’ looks set to double within three years.

The current policy forces retailers to seek planning permission for the facilities from their local authority, which High Streets Minister Penny Mordaunt said has damaged local businesses.

“Click and collect is set to be the next big thing on the high street, as discerning online shoppers look to the convenience of the high street as much as their computer screens,” the Tory minister said.

“Today’s proposals would help not just larger retailers but also independent and smaller shops to benefit, ensuring their premises were fit for the needs of the 21st century shopper.”


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