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Welcome to Shopjacket

Helping to regenerate high streets and retail environments


As retail centres struggle in the current difficult economic climate, landlords, centre managers and local authorities, as well as central government have made the reversal of this decline a priority.

With the recently issued Portas Report, and the pilots that have been set up as a result of this initiative, together with ERDF funding and the new 'X Fund', those with a vested interest are looking for new ideas and policies that will make a real difference on the ground.

At Shopjacket we have developed a range of core policies that can help deal with the underlying issues and bring vibrancy and a sense of pride back into the high street.

Our Shopjackets are used not only to improve the look of empty units but serve a dual purpose to promote visually the policies and ideas that underpin our philosophy.

Local authorities and landlords are discovering how Shopjacket can assist in the regeneration of declining high streets, town centres and other retail & shopping environments.

See how Shopjacket can make a difference in your area.