Welcome to Shopjacket

Helping to regenerate high streets and retail environments

At Shopjacket we have developed a range of initiatives that can help deal with the underlying issues, bringing vibrancy and a sense of pride back into the high street;

  • Shopjackets
  • Shop front transformations
  • Consultancy

Shopjackets vastly improve the letting rates on a vacant shop. Through high quality 3D imagery, they focus attention on the potential of an empty unit.

Shop front transformations work to improve the existing offer on the high street. Our visual team with a wealth of experience in visual merchandising and graphic design offer affordable design advice.

Consultancy covers the larger picture and ensures a holistic approach. This encompasses issues related to the industry which include lease agreements, living above the shop and rejuventation of the high street.


Contact us to see how Shopjacket can make a difference in your area.